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Air Fresheners  

Earth Force® Springtime -DFE Odor Counteractant -A true deodorant refreshes the air. Can be used anywhere, but particularly recommended for kitchens, hotel rooms, public rest rooms, air conditioning units, theaters, and conventional halls


Specific Gravity: 0.995
pH: 6.5
Quaternary Ammonium Chlorides: 0.38%
Appearance: Clear Green Liquid
Fragrance: Floral

Determine the source of odor and spray or pour directly on and around the contaminated surface. An absorbent surface will hold the deodorant for a longer period. Where the surface is not absorbent, saturate a wad of absorbent cotton with the deodorant liquid and place in a cloth bag or open mouthed receptacle. Approximately 2 to 4 ounces of the deodorant is sufficient in an ordinary room when used in this manner. For air conditioning units, saturate absorbent cotton as above. Place in cloth bags and put along top of filters inside the Return Air Unit. As the passage of air volume will dry the bags rapidly, re-saturate at least once a day.